Sunday, October 11, 2015

Escada Dress for Success

Dress for Success, Donate to Update...

A few days ago, I attended Dress for Success, donate-to-update with Escada at Neiman Marcus, Houston Galleria. 
Now, I'm always down to donate a few items in my closet with no questions asked. So, I was full of excitement with my pieces in tow as I entered the store, up the escalator and straight to the Escada shop. 
Although I had no Escada garments of my own, it still felt great to donate the few items I did have over to Dress for Success
Unfortunately, you won't see my pieces in this post. LOL!
But you'll see plenty of fabulous Escada pieces that were from old to new, archives, to their current season Fall/Winter 2015 collection.
Shall we begin?

(Not all items shown are Escada but that just lets you know how far their pieces can go).

Let's not sleep on the mannequins! 
The remix of old and new were all haute, no matter what season it's from!
I mean, we're talking Escada, here - timeless!

Wool - tweed pleated skirt/dress, paired with a cardigan, suede boots and the right statement piece can go a long way in this shop...

One of my favorites from the night! 
Who am I kidding? They were all favorites. LOL!
A classic look for the Ladies!
The trousers, cardigan, and hat ~ EVERYTHING!!!

Another mixed look to DIE FOR! 
Okay, you got me, I love everything blue but that doesn't mean that this isn't screaming pure 

The design, embroidery, IMPECCABLE!
Ready to mix and mingle with any pieces that you may already possess in your wardrobes...

Call it a poncho, cape or whatever you like but you can't go this season without wearing one!
The wool blanket cape is definitely a winner in itself.
Whether you rock it with denim, tweed, suede pants, wool, skirts, or whatever the occasion, you'll be on chic street for sure!
I'm going to apologize for not giving you more on the velvet turtle neck that the model is adorned in.
It was truly one of those "is that velvet?!" moments. Well, yes it is... 

Another old meets new. 
Not shown very closely here, however, the top was pure perfection!
 Cut and woven from a different cloth. 
The cellophane & wool crochet tank that's a mere piece of art!

This ensemble is just too adorable with Escada's signature white crisp blouse with their darling crystal cuffs. An over pinning jacquard tank, giving us a knock-out look!
And let's not overlook the classic tweed skirt with lace, either...

For the love of a wool wrap coat with viscose trim and a houndstooth design! 
Some on of you ladies may enjoy it as a shoppers coat but we'll just call it 
Escada's hautest pants right now ~ Tixana. 
The skinny trousers, charming for any shape or size that can hold all of our glamorous shapes to pure perfection!

Love it all!!!!

Suede leggings, anyone???
Don't worry, I did not drop any champagne on my future pants. *wink*wink

A little scoop of this season's collaboration with Nymphenburg, bringing art and fashion together in the most classical rare form. 

To shop Escada is to Dress for Success on another level!

Donate-to-Update was indeed a success!!!

To shop Escada:


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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Around the way Denim…

Happy Wednesday Hautees! 

Finally, on the blog! 
My favorite around the way denim… 

Outfit Details: Denim & Shoes ~ Zara; Top ~ Heiress Boutique; Bag ~ RF Lifestyles Boutique; Hair ~ Just chill'n

Hate it or Love it… 


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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Casuals'n Things…

Happy Days Hautees! 

There's something about a cuffed jean that I'm in love with. I pretty mch cuff all my jeans whether they're skinny, straight-leg, boyfriend cut, or whatever… CUFFED!
I think it adds a classical edge to your look, especially when rocking flat shoes. 
I prefer a wide cuff with my boyfriend jeans and a small thin cuff with my skinny jeans but it all depends on the shoe in most cases. 

 I'm chilling in my blue flat shoes, boyfriend denims, tank and what has to be the cutest~ugliest faux fur bag that I could find. 
As if i needed an extra pair of eyes HA! 
I see you! 

It's the simple things in life, like blue flat shoes on chill days… 

What's your favorite chill day look? 

Outfit Details: Tank ~ TJMaxx; Denim ~ Levi's; Flats ~ Kenneth Cole; Bag ~ TopShop

Hate it or Love it! 


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Thursday, September 17, 2015

NYFW Flava

                   Happy Thursday Hautees! 

    New York Fashion Week has come to an end today. 
While I watched majority of the shows online (, there are certain people that I look forward to seeing other than the models rocking some of the hautest designs down the runway. However, it's not really the runway that anticipate...

    Street Style Stars and Celebrities! 

         This year, my eyes were on these ladies who beat to their own drums when it comes to style! 
         I stalked their Instagram pages all week between shows, LOL! 
And trust me when I say, I was anxiously waiting to see each and every last post of theirs… 

Vashtie ~ 
Definitely one of my favorite New York style girls. Everything about her screams Tomboy Glitch when it comes to her own personal style! 

 Kyrzayda ~ 
The ultimate Chic Street. Her Instagram page is always full of chic styles in every which way. So you know her NYFW ensembles were HAUTE! HAUTE! HAUTE! 

Erykah Badu ~
 The Goddess! Eclectic, raw & uncut. You can't even explain it! But what's to explain? 
It's Erykah Badu! 

Ciara aka CiCi ~ 
Never cease to amaze me! Whether she's adorned in Couture or rugged jeans and a tank, the singer keeps it sizzling haute at all given times! 

Solange ~ 
We're talking the unapologetic sister of Queen Bey. However, she's definitely not living in the shadows of her sister! In my opinion, she gives style a whole new meaning her way! Need I say more? I'm absolutely obsessed with this beauty more than folks who are obsessed with her sister. Yes, I couldn't just choose one picture. It's freaking Solange! 

My absolute favorites of NYFW attendees…. 
Who were yours???? 

Hate it or Love it! 


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Friday, September 11, 2015

Can You Denim?

Happy Days Hautees! 

High-waisted denim pants, my kind of style. The detailing of the buttons aligning the pockets, reminds me of the 60's (although I wasn't around back then. LOL!) It's a style that repeats itself in fashion, over and over again. 
I mean, who doesn't love it?  

Denim on denim never gets old! 
I love how we can play around with style. 
A casual look with endless possibilities. 
Straight - leg, wide - leg, skinny - leg, and even boot - cut, if you would. 
It's all the same… 

I'm obsessed with the structure of these pants. The high-waist. The wide legs. The drawstring in the back. The front buttons. Everything I need for an old school 60's touch. 

Okay, so I didn't show my shoes. However, I usually wear wedges or any sort of platform shoes to give me the height for my pants to flow right. I'm a short person (short person complex kicks in), so anything to make me look taller is more than ideal. 
Especially, when I'm wearing wide-leg pants. 
And lets face it, no one wants their pants dragging on the ground, right? 

To complete the look, roll up them sleeves, tie a front knot in your shirt. 
Take an old style and it make it yours! 

Outfit Details: High-waisted Pants ~ Pavement (Thrift Shop); Denim Top ~ Express; Bag ~ TopShop

Can You Denim? 

Hate it or Love it! 


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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Denim x Fedora Days

Happy Days Hautees! 

Bust out your blue suede shoes, your denim jeans and a fedora to bring it all together for a chic street style… 

Mustard tank and a leopard bag, just adds more flavor for a chill day of shopping. 
So, snap some photos in the mall parking garage. HA! 

Cuff denim can be a perfect match for booties (depending on your style)…. 
With the Fall season just two weeks ahead, most of us can't wait to rock our hats, oversized sweaters, coats and our love for boots. But for now, we can still mix/match our Fall favorites with our Summer get up. However, I'm sure we'll mix/match all Seasons throughout the year when the weather permits or when it doesnt…  

Outfit Details: Denim ~ Levi's; Tank ~ Zara; Booties ~ Marc Fisher; Fedora ~ ALDO; Crossbody Bag ~ Michael Kors

Hate it or Love it! 


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Friday, September 4, 2015

Nike Cortez Fever

Back to my Nike Cortez Fever… 

Cruising through Sneaker News website for my clients who are sneaker heads and from time to time, shopping for myself. 
However, I'm back in love with sneakers. 
Nike Cortez that is… 

Photo snagged from Sneaker News site. Nike lab Cortez Textile. 

Adidas are my usual go to and I've always been faithful to the brand but every blue moon I venture off to other classics. 
Thanks to Sneaker News, the classical Nike's are on my must-have hit list. 
Just like an old school, classic, hot-rod. 
The nylon running shoe with the long Nike swoop use to be one of Hip-hops favorite in the 90's. 
Now, they're back! 
But, for some, they never left. I currently have two pairs that I purchased a fews years ago. 
The black/white and blue/white which I like to call my trophy shoes being that I only pull them out twice a year. And, they're the only pair of Nike's that I own. Needless to say, I'm looking to add more to my trophy collection. 
So, how about those blue on blue or the olive on olive? 
Yes! Yes! And, YES! 

The red/white polka dots are ugly and different. But that's just how we like it. It stands out and will turn heads whether people like them or not, they'll definitely look. 
If they could only bring back the original red/white ones. I know quite a few sneaker heads who would love to get their hands on them no matter the cost (without eBay). 

Photo snagged from Sneaker News

'72 Cortez the icon! 
It's an old school and a newcomer…

Photo snagged from Sneaker News 

My ultimate, must-have Cortez is dipped in bronze! How bout that?! I can't wait for these to hit U.S. stock. Believe it or not I'm patiently waiting. And, I have no patience, go figure… 
Slated to hit a German retailer Sept. 20th but unfortunately no dates for the U.S. 
We'll just have to keep our eyes open for these baby's on Sneaker News with an update… 

For more details visit:

Hate it or Love it! 


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